Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Commons are alive with the sound of Pee-wits!

So Spring is well and truly upon us! The good weather recently has certainly lifted the spirits and things are heating up on the Commons.....for the birds of course!
We now have a lovely collection of Lapwings, with approx 10 males seen on one day....which is encouraging. 2 pairs of Ringed Plovers remain and Little Ringed Plovers have finally been heard and seen over Crookham Pools :)
Over 200 Golden Plovers are currently well settled on the Fireplane gravels, enjoying a bit of sunbathing perhaps before heading up north to breed! Other sightings include Redshanks, Great Black Backed Gull, Skylark, Woodlark, Dartford Warblers and Stonechat

Much to the annoyance of some local birders perhaps....I saw a male Black Redstart again in more or less the same spot as the previous week! Didn't even have to bribe it with custard creams! ;)
Its really quite a treat....going from never having seen one to seeing 2 in as many weeks. May well be the same bird but nonetheless exciting! :)
Several Wheatears have also been seen, including one female!

 Slow on the ol' ringing front recently.....too much work and not enough play! Ringed a lone Redpoll thanks to the Newbury Ringing Group, but thats all for now! Next week will hopefully be a good time to get some more done :)

I've also discovered a new hobby....Moths!! Until recently I quite literally knew nothing about I can say I know almost nothing....its a start! ;)
I'd never really got involved in mothing before, but now I wish I'd started earlier...they really are very cute!! 'Cute' probably isn't the most scientifically valid way to describe them, but it works for me! After having one sit quite happily on my hand for a while I've taken quite a shine to them.!! No pun intended!
The night included for example lots of Small and Common Quakers, March Moths and an Engrailed.......all completely new to me!

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